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What Our Clients Say

Royal Existence Dance Academy is an excellent dance studio. My daughter has gone from strength to strength since joining. I particularly appreciate the fact that the music, costumes and choreography is age appropriate and modest. Sam Price is not only a brilliant teacher, but a brilliant dancer. She performs with her older students and it is great to see that a teacher can perform to the same high standard she sets for her students. My daughter’s dance skills and technique have improved and she has developed beautiful friendships at this studio. It has been wonderful to see my girl grow in confidence and shine on the stage. I highly recommend Royal Existence Dance Academy to anyone looking for a positive dance experience.


Royal Existence Dance Academy is more than I could have hoped for my girls, they absolutely love being a part of the Royal X team. Miss Sam and the entire teaching group are super talented and extremely welcoming. I love watching each performance with the amazing routines you choreograph for our kids. The confidence that has grown in my girls since they have joined your dance family is incredible.”


If you are looking for a Dance Family for your child then REDA is the right place. REDA have amazing Teachers that know your child’s strengths and weaknesses and help them strive to be the best. They acknowledge the hard work that parents and students put into the studio and help us out in every way so your child can continue with their passion of Dance.


My daughter has been attending Royal Existence Dance Academy from its beginning, and she has loved every moment of being part of this wonderful dance family.

Being quite young when she started, she was nervous and shy, but the wonderful teachers made her feel welcome and safe. She has flourished this past year not only in her dance ability, but in her confidence, stage presence and her expression. She has made solid friendships with a range of children of different ages and we value and love the feeling of “family” that this academy offers. It’s refreshing to know I can send my daughter to learn dance and that she will also be cared for, nurtured, encouraged and valued.

Royal Existence Dance Academy has proven itself to value excellence also, as evidenced by the amazing showcase at the end of 2019.

My daughters passion for dance has exploded and I’m so grateful to have a wonderful dance school to send her to.


I most appreciate the teachers and their commitment to providing quality and appropriate content for our kids. The teachers always present themselves as women of outstanding character, knowing that the students will follow their lead. I believe the ladies at DCDI care about the impact they have on our kids, not just on the dance floor, but on their hearts, and I get the impression that they care deeply about this responsibility and honor. In my mind, nothing is more valuable than the way we impact a child’s heart, so I’m grateful to know that my girls are being influenced with the best of intentions. My girls may not be dancers forever (or maybe they will) but I do think they’ll always remember how their DCDI teachers make them think and believe in themselves- and that, to me, is priceless.

My highest compliment is the exceptional level of character and class that our studio emulates. Every costume I have seen is tasteful, every song selection is age appropriate, the choreography is consistently strong and beautiful, focused on showing off skill and telling a story, not skin or sex appeal. In a time when it is seemingly “cool” to hyper-sexualize kids and teenagers, I appreciate that our studio seems committed to rising above and providing something better. I can tell from sitting through lots of performances at dance competitions this year that our studio is unique in all the best ways! There’s nowhere else I’d want my girls to dance!

Kirsten Brooks

I feel like we struck gold when we joined Royal Existence Dance Academy. I wanted a dance school that was about the love of dance, with plenty of structure and discipline but without losing the sense of fun and enjoyment of the art. My daughter has been attending since they opened their doors in 2018 and throughout the year we have felt apart of a wonderful, caring, supportive and encouraging dance family. My daughter loves dance, and has adored all of her dance teachers she does jazz, ballet, acro, hiphop and lyrical and solo competitions and will be joining performance team in the new year. Her confidence and pride in who she is and what she can do has grown so much, and it is through how Miss Sam, Miss Brittany and Miss Chelsie support the kids and encourage their development. They truly go the extra mile to make sure their dancers are happy and that they grow, learn and enjoy their dancing. I would recommend Royal Existence Dance Academy to anyone looking for a supportive and fun dance studio.

Ann Davies